The movie world is a brutal one, there is the ‘A’ list that makes it to your local 50 screen Megaplex, and then there are the rest. Funny thing is that money often does not buy happiness. It seems almost a weekly event that some $100 million movie falls flat on its face at the box office.

It is the indie movie world that I like best, you don’t need a huge bankroll to make a movie, you just need guts and determination.

Enter stage left Fall Away.

My wife and I have a long running agreement, she does the horror (usually bad) movies and I take on the ones that seem to have some spark. I tossed Fall Away into the DVD player and sat back.

From a technical point of view I have to conclude that it was shot by a single camera, but it is done in such a creative way that I doubt anyone would notice. I have no clue what the budget for the movie was, but I would guess it was far south of $1 million.

From the liner notes:

On the verge of being discovered, the lead singer for up-and-coming country folk band “65 Home” dies violently in a back alley. We follow the friends and lovers of ‘Handsome Jake’ as they try to come to terms with the singer’s untimely death. As the band travels to Nashville to honor his passing, we discover that there are many Jake’s – the brother, the lover, the poet, the liar and the cruel manipulator.

Everyone knows a different side of this man and the conflicted and seemingly contradictory aspects of his life. Torn between his personal and professional relationship with his co-writer Mel and their unborn child, committed to his affair with his secret love John, determined to make it big at all costs – Jake is destined for greatness and taken from us all too soon. But by whom? And why?

As the band members cross the Midwest with Jake�s ashes onboard their Winnebago, they must now struggle to regroup, understand what happened, and find a way to move on. But can they do it without Jake?

Fall Away is a sad movie, it covers subjects that are still somewhat taboo in the mainstream, but is well worth the price of admission. Brokeback Mountain has nothing on Fall Away.

The music is nothing short of fabulous!  I did do some digging and apparently it is from a band known as Crooked Willow from Chicago.

I have attempted to contact the film makers, but my emails bounce higher than a super ball on steroids.

It is such a shame that this most excellent movie has been relegated to DVD.

I did manage to find a trailer:

Simon Barrett

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