Everyone basically knows that our government holds their own little secrets that normal people without special credentials are never told about. In Evilution The US Army tries to communicate with a microscopic alien life form they have discovered that has the ability to possess the living and resurrect the dead. Unfortunately though, all their attempts have failed. The military tried creating a genetically altered version of the alien so they could resurrect dead soldiers from the battlefield. The only problem is the alien fights back and causes the soldiers to turn against each other.

One of the young scientists working for the military, Darren Hall manages to get away with taking the last pure specimen of the alien and he is determined to reverse the damage inflicted and then learn the secrets of life. Once he got away things go so out of control that the government decided to destroy the whole facility where the experiments were being done.

Darren finds an apartment in a place called the Necropolitan so he can continue with his studies and experimenting. The place is crowded with hoodlums, gangs, dope dealers and bums, but he does manage to meet a young lady that he becomes involved with.

One night when he was out someone breaks into his apartment and steals a hypodermic needle with a solution in it that Hall was using for experiments only it wasn’t tested successfully yet. When injected with the needle they would turn into a cannibal horde.

One of the gang leaders got shot and Darrel decides to give him the injection hoping that it would work on saving the man’s life. While the man was lying there sleeping, Darren went to see his lady friend and while gone things got out of control.

Now Darren and the few survivors from the apartment building have to find a way to destroy the alien that is possessed before it escapes into the city and spreads it around which eventually could bring down the end of the human race if not stopped.

Evilution kept me in suspense up until the end. If you like a lot of bloody gory scenes then this is a movie for you. You can buy Evilution here.

Jan Barrett

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