If you are a fan of drama programs set in World War II then this is one for you. Enemy At The Door, Series 2 is a gripping WWII series that you won’t want to miss. Based on the harrowing true stories it chronicles the long Nazi occupation of Britain’s Channel Islands. This series stars Alfred Burke and Bernard Horsfall along with guests stars including John Rhys-Davies, Kenneth Cranham, Stephanie Cole and David Hayman. The series appeared on public television for years with its intelligent writing, masterful acting and exacting historical details. This set in a 4-disc set that includes the last 13 episodes of this groundbreaking historical drama. The total air time is approximately 660 minutes and has a special feature included of the historical background of the Channel Islands.

The WWII has been going on for three years in this series as the Germans occupy the Channel Islands. We have the good guys and the bad guys. We learn though that not all Germans are bad guys as rumor has it. On the German side we find the pragmatic local commandant, Major Richter who is trying to strike a balance between military necessity and good relations with the local population. Everything he has tried to do is complicated by the recent imprisonment of Dr. Philip Martel, who represented the interests of the Guernsey islanders.

Then we have the local SS officer, Hauptmann Reinicke that becomes a thorn in Richter’s side by trying so hard to earn extra points with his superiors in Berlin. Richter sees Reinicke’s actions as evil that only hurts everyone involved.  The question is, will the fragile harmony between the occupiers and the occupied survive much longer? Of even bigger concern are the potential consequences should Reinicke be successful.

This DVD set, Enemy At The Door, Series 2 hits goes on sale on January 4, 2011 so if you would like to get your copy you can click on the Amazon icon above to reserve your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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