WWII has been going on for three years, the German occupation of the Channel Islands continues. On the German side, the pragmatic local commandant Major Richter (Alfred Burke), tries to strike a balance between military necessity and good civil relations. However, his efforts are complicated by the recent imprisonment of Dr. Philip Martel (Bernard Horsfall), who represented the interests of the Guernsey islanders. The local SS officer, Hauptmann Reinicke (Simon Cadell) proves to be a thorn in Richter’s side, always eager to win points with his superiors in Berlin. With the war carrying on, can the fragile harmony between the occupiers and the occupied survive much longer?

Enemy At The Door – Series 2 comes with 4 discs with a total of 13 episodes:

1 Call of the Dead
2 Reception for the General
3 Angels That Soar Above
4 No Quarter Given
5 Committee Man
6 Post Mortem
7 The Raid
8 Jealousy
9 War Game
10 The Right Blood
11 From a View to a Death
12 The Education of Nils Borg
13 Escape

There is a bonus feature included with this DVD set, Enemy At The Door – Series 2. You will get a historical background on the Channel Islands. If you are into World War II programs, then this would be a good one for you. You can click on the Amazon link above to order a copy.

Jan Barrett

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