In a distant galaxy, three female prisoners, Dane (Danielle Donahue), Theel (Elizabeth V. Costanzo) and Jada (Marie DeLorenzo) escape from the prisoner ship when they realize they aren’t going to the detention center that they were told they were going to. They manage to distract their guards and get into an escape pod and take off to the nearest planet.

They crash land and exit the pod just before it explodes on an unknown planet. They are found by four warlike looking apes that take them as prisoners. When taken to the head ape, Korg (Ken Van Sant) he doesn’t believe the women when they tell him they crash landed on the planet. He sends guards out to find out if they were telling the truth. When they find the crashed pod, they see that they have no way to leave the planet.

women prisoners

Korg decides the only thing left to do is to keep the women as prisoners and use them as breeders for their slowly dying race. While left in a room with a guard outside to watch them, the girls come up with a plan to overpower the guard so they can escape. While on the run with the apes on their trail, one of the girls, Dane, betrays the other two girls, leaving them to fend for themselves.


A prison warden from the prison ship, Captain Zantor (Steve Diasparra) lands to search for the escaped prisoners. He finds the one that left the two alone but she manages to run off. When the other apes find Zantor he is questioned by Korg and they make a deal. Zantor will be given the two women there to take back to the prison ship only if he agrees to take the apes along with him so they can find another planet to breed on.


Zantor agrees to Korg’s deal but once on the pod things don’t exactly go as planned where both sides have their own ideas to break the deal made. Who makes it out alive and what happens to the women and apes?

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out the rest. I have to admit though if you are expecting this ape movie to be like the Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowel in it, I have to warn you that you will definitely be disappointed.

If you would like to view the trailer, just click on the video below.

It goes on sale on April 22, 2014 but if you want to order it you can pre-order it from Amazon by clicking on the icon above.

Jan Barrett

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