In the world of Prog Rock there is a founding member, genealogy searches take you to one place ELP. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. Each brings something unique to the  table.

Being part of a band in someways akin to being in a marriage, there are up’s and down’s.

The founding members of ELP drifted into hugely successful solo careers, and would occasionally join forces to relive the glory days. It happened in 1998, and I was not sure that it would ever happen again.

I was wrong, the power houses of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer decided to rejoin for a 40th anniversary concert on July 25th 2010 at the High Voltage Festival.

Some person with great foresight decided that this event should be captured on video.

If you are an ELP fan, this is a must have.

Greg Lake’s vocals sound just the same as they did in the early 70’s. Carl Palmer’s drumming is just as insistent, but I think over the years he has increased the size of his drum kit.

My favorite aging reprobate in the band is Keith Emerson. Keith is the master of the keyboards, and unless I am mistaken he brought his old ‘not to be used on tour’ Modular Moog along for this concert. Of course he also brought along a plethora of other keyboards.

Keith has a bit of a habit of destroying equipment on stage, and I am pleased to report that he was true to form. Many musicians are sponsored by equipment manufactures, it is a great way to get some advertising. The one exception to this rule is Keith Emerson and the Hammond Organ company. When it comes to quality and durability Hammond offer a great product, one that could and should last decades with normal use. Those parameters do not apply to Keith Emerson! The last rites are given to the Organ shortly before the concert starts.

I do not know how old Keith is, but he has not lost his interest in destruction. He has not lost the knack of reducing a Hammond into a pile of stuff that the average garbage pickup truck would have a problem with.

Tarkus, Pictures At An Exhibition, Lucky Man, this DVD has it all!

Great DVD. Get your own, because I am not giving you my copy.

Simon Barrett

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