In Electric Button (Moon & Cherry), the star of the erotica writing club Mayama (Noriko Eguchi) realizes she has developed writers block so she is desperate for some sort of inspiration to get her back to her writing.

Kenichi Tadokoro (Tasuko Nagaoka) is a young college student and he decides to join the group that writes erotica literature which proves to be quite a challenge to him. Mayama seems interested in Tadokoro especially when she figures out that he is a virgin. Being the only girl in the group she takes it upon herself to use this to help her writer’s block.

Mayama slowly seduces Tadokoro but after their first lovemaking session she tells him “Thanks for helping me with my research!” It is apparent that young Mayama is no stranger to having sex and it becomes pretty clear that she was only using the young man for inspiration and for information for her next book.

Other members in the group warn Tadokoro that Mayama will do anything she has to do to help her writing but although his feelings is hurt at first, he decides to go along with her games, subjecting himself to the most embarrassing and funniest conditions one could imagine.

The language in this movie is in Japanese but it does have English subtitles so you can follow it if you don’t speak Japanese. It is a funny movie and I think most people would enjoy it. If you want to buy a copy of Electric Button (Moon & Cherry) you can click on the Amazon icon above and order it.

Jan Barrett

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