Dynamite WarriorDynamite Warrior… the title says it all. Well, obviously not really, but it comes pretty darn close. From director Chalerm Wongpim and the creators of The Protector, Born to Fight, and the popular Ong-Bak, comes a reinvention of the western, Thai style. Khon fai bin, or Dynamite Warrior on this side of the world is a surrealistic combination of old west cowboys and hardcore barefooted martial artistry set in the 1850s.

The plot is simple: Lord Wang is a corrupt harelipped businessman trying to sell the newfangled invention of the tractor to farmers and make the water buffalo obsolete. Jone Bang Fai is a masked warrior who employs a mixture of rockets and knee-kicks to steal water buffalo from wealthy cattle rustlers and gives them back to the poor farmers they were taken from, Robinhood-style. Thrown into the mix is a near-invincible rancher who has the ability to turn his bumbling sidekicks into superhero-worthy fighters, an evil dark wizard, a brawny but brainless ex-con, and a love story… okay, so maybe it’s not that simple. But it sure is fun.

Dynamite Warrior is a nonstop action film in the truest sense of the phrase, with characters that are painted in such broad strokes they’re almost caricatured, and fight scenes that go on for upwards of ten minutes at a time. Toss in the Black Wizard seeking revenge for a curse placed upon him and it’s downright mythic. Although the plot itself might leave something to be desired, there’s no question that this is a pulse-pounding martial arts movie. The fact that no writer is even listed on IMDB shows just how important the plot really is to the filmmakers. What matters here is the stupefying fight scenes and the incredible stuntwork. The cinematography is nothing to scoff at either. With breathtaking scenery and remarkable sets, Dynamite Warrior is easier on the eye than it is on the bad guys.

Dan Chupong, a stuntman on Ong-Bak, stars as Jone Bang Fai, and spends most of the movie flying through the air, though he does manage to make the time for the mandatory side love story with the Black Wizard’s beautiful daughter. Every character reads as if from the pages of a comic book: the huge escaped convict who uses two gigantic chunks of wood as his weapons, the wretched Black Wizard with his boil-covered visage, and, of course, the masked hero with a mysterious past and a heart of gold.

Dynamite Warrior is the kind of action film that can only be made in the East. Every frame is seemingly filled with the desire to take stuntwork to the next level. Even the cattle ranchers who appear for a split-second on screen have the kind of skills Chuck Norris dreams about. Those looking for a good western or a good martial arts film can stop looking. Those looking for both combined into one film… well, they probably already own it.

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