A Woman of Substance Trilogy is a three mini-series based on Barbara Taylor Bradford’s epic A Woman Of Substance. The story involves a family that is very powerful which begins with a lowly Yorkshire maid named Emma Harte who works her way up from being a maid to becoming a corporate boss.

The story starts with Emma at the age of 80. She is an enormously wealthy business woman. She learns that her two sons are working at trying to take over the family business so they can sell it off in pieces. Emma has to deal with her son’s betrayal to her.

Flashbacks take us back to the young Emma when she was just a mere servant for the Fairly family. The series let’s us watch as Emma improves herself and eventually works herself up to becoming the owner of a world known department store. She owns property of great value in the UK and in America as well. Her desire for money and power takes over her life and affects anyone that is close to her.

A Woman of Substance Trilogy gives three mini-series:

1.    Woman of Substance
2.    Hold The Dream
3.    To Be The Best

Emma’s granddaughter, Paula was named sole heir to the department store empire which only brings a lot of trouble into her life somewhat the same as it did for her grandmother. Paula has to face powerful enemies that want to take over the empire which she inherits from her grandmother.

A Woman of Substance Trilogy has a great cast including, Liam Neeson, Deborah Kerr, Anthony Hopkins, James Brolin, Barry Bostwick, Stephanie Beacham, Jenny Seagrove, Lindsay Wagner, Stephen Collinc and Christopher Cazenove. You also will get as a bonus with this DVD set interviews with the producer and star of A Woman of Substance, Diane Baker and with author Barbara Taylor Bradford and Bradford biography and booklist.

The DVD set comes with 4 discs and the approximate airtime is 667 minutes. There is a warning that it does have nudity, sexual scenes, violence and coarse language.

You can get your own copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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