On-screen she is Dr. Willoughby, a compassionate surgeon who saves lives with skill and a scalpel, but offscreen she’s Donna Sinclair, a ruthless actress fighting to control her fading career and the sleazy daytime hospital soap in which she stars.

Joanna Lumley stars as the deliciously bitchy as the aging, vain Donna Sinclair in this hilarious send-up British television. She will stop at nothing to keep her place in the spotlight, from betraying her fellow actors to terrorizing her producer, pilfering toilet paper from the supplies closet and lying her way out of a charity gig. As the conniving, vindictive and utterly insincere Sinclair Lumley steals every scene.

Dr. Willoughby also stars Brian Protheroe as Ralph Whatman, Isobel Middleton as Emma Goodliffe and Paula Bacon as Crystal Reynolds

This DVD comes with 6 different episodes:

1. Fan Mail – Dr. Willoughby gets really jealous when her co-star, Ralph is receiving more fan mail than she is. Ralph fears he might get sent to jail because of unpaid spousal support payments.

2. Young Pretender – Ralph gets nervous when a muscle bound actor with no known talent gets added to the show and Ralph has no scene from the script.

3. Family Wedding – Donna’s home doesn’t qualify for an OK! Magazine profile. She doesn’t exactly like her son’s fiancée.

4. Speculation – Rumors fly on the set when Donna checks herself into a clinic. Everyone wants to know why. Ralph is upset when Emma hires another actor while Donna is gone instead of beefing up his role.

5. Scandal – Rumors have it that Donna’s brother is living in squalor. The cast and crew assume Donna is out and the question is, who will be the main star, Ralph or Crystal.

6. Awards – Donna wants a new dress for the awards show that she has been nominated for but the show’s budget can’t afford it, which doesn’t make her happy.

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Jan Barrett.

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