This DVD set stars Martin Clunes as the tactless, self-centered and uptight doctor that the town has to put up with because he is the only doctor in town. He was once a very successful London surgeon but not he is a general practitioner in the idyllic Cornish fishing village of Portwenn. The man has a terrible bedside manner and he has insulted just about everyone in town several times over.

The good doctor’s relationship with Louisa (played by Caroline Catz) seems extinguished, the town’s new constable has narcolepsy, his beloved Aunt Joan is aging, and his receptionist, Pauline is bored. He is also being pursued by a hypochondriac hotelier. All this makes Doc Martin even grumpier than his usual moods and it makes his antics even funnier.

In this series 3 we have:

Tick Tock – Louisa faints in front of her class while Aunt Joan nearly runs over someone with her car and the new policeman in Portwenn has a habit of falling asleep on the new job.

The Morning After – Bert Large takes Doc Martin’s advice to make some life changes by abandoning his plumbing business and opening a restaurant. Soon afterward the town is plagued by an outbreak of food poisoning.

Love Thy Neighbor – Louisa gets new neighbors and they bring modern ideas about parenting and their bratty son. Doc Martin learns that the constable is agoraphobic as well as narcoleptic.

The GP Always Rings Twice – Seems that romance has invaded the air in the town of Portwenn. The Doc is pursued by a glamorous divorcee. Aunt Joan is wooed by a good looking artist that is 30 years younger than she is and Pauline’s ex-boyfriend comes home.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Martin and Louisa go out on their first official date. He makes a tactless remark which ruins a kiss between them causing Louisa to say that is the last straw for her. Pauline causes problems in the office from her gambling. Martin and Louisa have repercussions from a near fatal accident.

The Two Of Us – Everyone in the village seems to have heard the news of Martin and Louisa’s engagement. Aunt Joan isn’t happy that she had to hear about it from the postman, Dave. Mushrooms are making the towns people sick and Bert Large is struggling to keep his restaurant going.

In Sickness and in Health – Here we have Martin and Louisa’s wedding day. The bridesmaid is injured, the vicar is drunk, a busted pipe causes the reception hall to flood and Martin has an encounter with a pig. Seems as though things just keep going down hill from there.

This 2 volume set with the 7 episodes has an approximate running time of 323 minutes total and it goes on sale on DVD on February 2, 2010. I think you would enjoy this humorous set. You can get your copy of Doc Martin Series 3 by clicking on the Amazon icon at the top.

Jan Barrett

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