It is called “Hilarious and decidedly naughty” by the Daily Telegraph from the UK and a “Thriller with a sharply comic edge” by The Mirror (UK)

Edward, (Martin Clunes) starts out by dodging the police ringing his front doorbell and he explains his situation by saying he is in a bit of trouble. As he goes on the run we hear about just how Martin became wanted for murder which he claims he is innocent of.

We go back two years earlier when he met Karen (Julie Graham) and Dennis Parsons (Neil Dudgeon). Dennis is a CPA and Martin is at their home attending a dinner party. While sitting at the table Karen decides to play footsies with Martin making him very uncomfortable and when he runs to the bathroom she follows him. When Dennis calls out Martin leaves the bathroom and then tries telling Dennis what happened but as Karen heads upstairs she is torturing him with her seductive actions so Edward leaves instead. Martin comes to the conclusion that the only time Karen is interested in him is when her husband was close by. Eventually an affair between Karen and Martin starts.

Dennis dies from a boating accident while with Karen and Martin. When Dennis falls overboard Martin had tried to reach him with a pole and Karen was paddling backwards away from Dennis instead of towards him. Karen was devastated blaming Martin and herself for Dennis’s death. She wants to end their affair mainly because of her guilty feelings but he convinces her otherwise.

After deciding to have a baby together, Martin and Karen decide to get married. Unfortunately Martin failed to confess to Karen one tiny little detail about him having a vasectomy so he can’t make a baby for her. Life with Karen wasn’t exactly as Martin expected so he began wondering what it would be like to be the widower of a very rich woman. The marriage had gone sour after Martin finds out Karen was having an affair and was pregnant with another man’s baby, he plots to get Karen out of his life. He finally admits to her about his vasectomy proving the baby she is carrying can’t be his so a divorce would be the easy way out of the marriage.

It seems a string of bad luck seems to follow Martin as he goes on. Soon he finds himself in a situation no man would ever want to be. He has to find a way to make sure he isn’t blamed when he finds his wife dead.

It would be unfair to share more of the plot. Martin Clunes is very funny to watch. If you love dark humor, this one is for you. To get your copy just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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