As children we learn to love dirt, we are one with it. Unfortunately as we grow older our affinity with what is probably the most important live giving substance in the planet is lost.  I recall in my youth (around the summer of love), I was well equipped in my Hippie persona,Bell Bottoms, a cotton shirt with flared sleeves, long hair, and of course no money. At one music festival (mud bog) I stumbled upon a group of people who were espousing some mystic religion. I can’t remember which one, but they did offer free food, so I struck up a conversation. They explained that our world consisted of just four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water. My Grammar school physics told me this was rubbish, but there was free food, and a really pretty girl…..

I did not become a convert, and I had no luck with the pretty girl, but that is a story for another occasion.

In some ways though, they were correct, they used the term ‘element’ but I believe they really meant ‘elemental’. Earth, wind, fire, and water are what make our world work.

Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow have created quite the opus with Dirt! The Movie. Dirt is a dirty word in many households. Millions of housewives have exploded with comments such as how did you get your clothes so dirty!

Dirt though is an intrinsic and vital part of our life. For the farmer it is the tool of his trade. Without dirt, there would be no crops. If you are a city dweller, just think about what lays under your house, or under the road that you drive on, you got it, DIRT.

Not all dirt is created equal. There is no doubt that some is more equal than others, The dirt in Napa Valley, combined with the other three elements make it a wonderland for grapes. The dirt in the midwest represent the prime dirt for feeding a hungry nation, the dirt in Florida makes it the perfect home for Oranges.

Dirt is a vital part of our life. Yet we seem to treat it with such little respect.

Dirt! The Movie is a wonderful exploration, and one that I greatly enjoyed. The film makers are on a serious quest, and clearly they have worked hard on this movie. That comes through in the narrator, you do not lure Jamie Lee Curtis into a frivolous project.

Dirt is here to stay, the sooner we appreciate it, the better off we will be. The movie has done very well on the festival circuit, and now it is being released on DVD. It streets on Tuesday April 6, reserve your copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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