This DVD set, Dirk Gently, stars Stephen Mangan, as Dirk Gently and he runs The Holistic Detective Agency. Dirk is not one that dresses properly all the time, he is perpetually insolvent and he is uncommonly good at solving problems.

Although Dirk frequently is irritated with his assistant, Richard MacDuff (Darren Boyd) the two of them work together on cases ranging from a missing cat to a murder that may involve the Pentagon. Dirk has a way to give explanations to cases that are seemingly unsolvable mysteries.

This DVD Set, Dirk Gently includes 2 discs with a Pilot and 3 additional episodes:

Pilot – Dirk runs into his former college buddy, Richard, who just lost his job at an electricity board. Dirk, takes on a case for MacDuff and ends up hypnotises him, then persuading him to invest his money into Dirk’s failing detective agency, making MacDuff his new business partner in the business and his assistant in investigations. They set out to solve an apparent disappearance of a cat from an old lady’s house. Dirk uncovers a double murder which leads to a number of even more extraordinary events.

Episode 1 – Dirk works on a case with a client that thinks someone from the Pentagon is trying to kill him and another case involving a man who says his horoscopes are coming true. During the investigations, Dirk finds that there seems to be a connection between the two unrelated cases.

Episode 2 – After a dead body was discovered, Dirk and Richard become prime suspects when a stolen robot from Dirk’s old University within 24 hour after Dirk was asked to protect it. The dead man is Professor Jericho and the detectives think the dead man’s colleague just might know something about the murder.

Episode 3 – When old clients of Dirk’s are being randomly killed, it seems that Dirk is the only link to them. Dirk decides not to talk to the police, instead he makes the decision to just leave the country but is waylaid by a series of unconnected events.

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Jan Barrett

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