Is the Iraq war any different from Vietnam? Deserter looks at what happens to people who like the Vietnam era soldiers can not face the idea of deployment. Some might call them cowards, but it is not a term I would use.

My wifes son managed two tours in Iraq, and he most certainly would not go back again. Death and destruction leave a lasting mark.

Deserter takes a look at those that have decided to take a different approach. Canada was a haven for people that opted out from being conscripted to die in Vietnam. Times have changed, the relationship between the US and Canada has changed. For many years the border was nothing more than a symbolic marker. 9/11 has changed that, the border has become a war zone.

Where do folks that are not prepared to lay their lives down to support a country go?

Is a Deserter just that? What if they are married, they have kids? What is desertion and what does the term really mean?

You can find out for yourself from MVD.

Simon Barrett    

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