Here we have yet another group of people being invited to a wild party. In this case 12 people, including Chico Benymon, Tommy “Tiny” Lister (The Dark Knight) and Obba Babatund (The Silence of the Lambs), receive anonymous texts inviting them a to a special party being held at an old dilapidated mansion.

Once all the guests appear, they are all enjoying themselves as the men and women eat and drink having a lot of fun. Everything is going well until some of the guests decide to leave. As they try exiting the door they find they can’t get out. None of the doors exiting the house seem to open.

As they enter some of the rooms that were once a certain room, are now completely different. There are visions of death through some of the doors and some opened door only leads them to a dead end. When the guests realize they are trapped inside the mansion they start to panic.

You can watch the trailer for Death’s Door below and see the fear in all the party guests as they search for a way out of the house before they are killed.

If you like what the trailer shows you, you can go to Amazon and get a copy if Death’s Door. It became available online on September 29,2015 so click on the icon above and order a copy. I hope you enjoy it!

Jan Barrett

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