What can you say about the British actor, producer and musician, named David Bowie? He is said to be famous for his alter-ego’s. In this DVD, David Bowie “Rare and Unseen”, you will see interview clips and some footage of the legendary rocker and master of reinvention as he discusses what his life and music has been like.

The film is an hour long and it consists of two long interviews that are clearly hard to find. In the first interview which is done via satellite you see Russell Hardy, a British talk show host, interviewing Bowie. They talk about Bowie’s mid-70’s drug abuse and the nightmare it was for him. Bowie seemed somewhat reluctant to talk as much.

In another interview which was filmed during the late 90’s we find it somewhat different. He was more open and discussed everything from the way he behaved in the first interview to the time he spent with Iggy Pop in Berlin to his own personal musical obsessions.

On the film we see a back-stage interview from the late 70’s and some behind the scenes footage taken in the 80’s. We see an interview with Peter Frampton who was once a schoolmate of Bowie’s.

Some of the best known hits of David Bowie include songs such as China Girl, Modern Love, Starman, Space Oddity, Under Pressure and Let’s Dance. Overall this DVD, David Bowie “Rare and Unseen” is a worthy addition to any Bowie collection. To get your copy, just click on the Amazon icon above.

Jan Barrett

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