Formed in 1959 the Motown brand quickly became a staple in the American popular music scene. Other labels tried to emulate the sound, but none could quite meet the unique sound that emanated from Detroit. Motown provided not only entertainment for the listener, but was also the inspiration for many up and coming musicians of the time. It might surprise you for example, to learn than Paul Simon lists Motown as on of the greatest influences in his career.

Dancing In The Street is actually archival footage from a concert given in the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles in 1987. It was one stop in a 21 city tour. This previously unreleased video contains the that known recorded concert appearance by Martha Reeves, Mary Wells, David Ruffin, and Eddie Kendricks. When you combine the number of hits that these four musicians had you get a staggering answer, over 100! And when you consider just how many artists Motown represented, you start to realize just how huge an influence this label had.

In true Motown style, there is no ‘headliner’ in this concert, it is a steady flow of artists who all put on highly polished performances. The list of performers is compendious, and in total 25 tracks are included, 12 of which were #1 billboard hits.

A quick summary, Mary Wells sings Two Lovers, and My Guy. Martha Reeves sings Jimmy Mack and Heat Wave.  David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks (Part of the Temptations) offer up Just My Imagination and Statue Of A Fool.

This is a must have for any Motown fan.

You can get your copy through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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