I have seen a lot of photos in magazines of old castles and have often wondered what it would be like to own one. I have always dreamed of buying an old home and being able to redo it the way I would want it to be, but unfortunately I doubt I would ever be able to afford to buy one that I would really like.

This DVD, Crisis At The Castle reminded me of what my dream was. It is a series, which was shot on location, follows the owners of three castles, Sudley Castle, Burton Court and Kelburn Castle, as they are faced with some serious decisions about how they can preserve their castles with the continuing rising costs these days, fading public attention and crumbling infrastructures.

The historic castles which are home to their owners have been standing for years. But one has to wonder will they actually survive the next generation. The owners of these three magnificent examples of British architecture are wondering this critical question. They are facing problems starting with small maintenance tasks that snowball into calamities to steadfast resistance from elders. Sons and daughters of the ancestral homes take stewardship of their legacy setting new plans in motion to preserve these homes for future generations.

Crisis At The Castle includes three episodes, each dealing with a different castle. You get bonus features which include a 12 page viewer’s guide with a map and articles on historic preservation guidelines, gardens of the estates and unconventional ways to save stately homes, stories of Stately Homes, plus discussion questions.

This single DVD, Crisis At The Castle has a total running time of approximately 177 minutes.

If you would like to buy this DVD to watch at home you can click on the Amazon link above. If you have an old house you want to give a complete makeover maybe this DVD can give you some ideas.

Jan Barrett

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