Country Rockers is an interesting montage of some of the best known names in country music. I am guessing that the backdrop is the great Florida venue, Church Street Station.

Billy Crash Craddock kicks off the party with a All Nite Blue, and Heart of Rock And Roll. The Jordanaires follow with a medley of Elvis songs.

The Bellamay Brothers ask that ever popular question, If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?

The incomparable Jerry Lee Lewis performs 4 songs including Great Balls Of Fire, and Whole Lot Of Shakin’. I have to admit though that this is one of his tamer performances, nothing gets broken too badly, the piano loses the keyboard cover, and Jerry introduces us to the unconventional playing style involving banging his shoes, elbows and buttocks on the keys. In retrospect, when I was talking to Keith Emerson, I should have asked him if Jerry Lee Lewis was an influence on him!

Merle Haggard rounds the DVD out with 4 songs, including the Johnny Cash staple Folsom Prison Blues.

Although this is clearly not one concert, it is seamlessly put together and is a delightful dip into the land of Country meets Rock. With a running time of only 60 minutes I was amazed at how much great music is on this DVD. If you are a country fan, you will want this one. I noticed that when I popped this one on the projector my wife Jan was there in a flash, and sat rooted thoughout the entire DVD, in fact I am pretty certain I heard her singing along to several of the songs.

Country Rockers is available through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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