Joy Division and their frontman Ian Curtis were at the very forefront of the late 70’s punk music movement. On May/18 1980 that all changed when Ian Curtis took his own life.

Control has done exceptionally well on the festival circuit racking up awards, most recently winning three awards at Cannes.

The movie is based on his wifes memoir, Control follows Ian Curtis from his working class Manchester background to super stardom and his untimely death at age 23, the day before embarking on an American tour.
Sam Riley puts in a great performance playing Ian Curtis, and Samantha Morton is his teenage bride.
The death of Ian Curtis killed Joy Division, however they re-emerged as the group New Order, who went on to achieve critical and commercial success.

Hindsight we are told is 20/20 and that certainly seems to be the case with Ian Curtis, his young life becomes a war zone, the highs are higher than Mount Everest, the lows are at the bottom of the deepest ocean. In Control we watch this roller coaster of events, girlfriends, and a young wife do nothing to stabilize his life.

Although originally filmed in color if has been transferred to black and white which gives the movie a very edgy feel. The music soundtrack is best described as eclectic, clips from Bowie abound.

Control hits the stores tomorrow June/3 and is well worth a look. You can order your copy through Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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