Commander, Set 2 is four feature-length crime drama’s starring Amanda Burton as Commander Claire Blake who is a very ambitious woman that feels trapped in her office until she is offered a transfer to the Homicide and Serious Crime Division. She is assigned to a list of difficult cases to solve.

Blake welcomes the transfer and is determined to keep her private life separate from her work until two of the cases she is assigned to seem to pose as a threat to everything she has worked so hard for.

This DVD set comes with four separate mysteries, each are shown in parts:

1.    The Devil You Know (shown in two parts) – In part one, the body of a two year old child is found at a mental hospital which had been abandoned. Blake and DCI Doug James (Mark Lewis Jones) investigate two of the hospital’s former patients, one which is a schizophrenic and another which is a violent drug user. In part two, Blake finds herself being accused of having blood on her hands.

2.    Fraudster (shown in two parts) – In part one, a man, Donald Griffith is found dead floating in his swimming pool. The man turns out to be a fraud that had been cheating on his wife with not one but with two women. He had been stealing money from his clients making himself a millionaire. In part, two Blake discovers during her investigation that the wife and the two mistresses would all benefit if Griffith’s death as long as he didn’t commit suicide.

3.    Windows of the Soul (shown in two parts) – In part, one Blake’s holiday is interrupted when a popular priest was stabbed to death in his church. Apparently the neighborhood had a scene of deadly riots five years before this and there was a lot of tension still between the people and the police there. In part two, a police officer is hospitalized and Blake finds out she hasn’t been told everything involving the case.

4.    Abduction (shown in three parts) – In part one, Blake is assigned to the case of an elderly woman that had been bludgeoned to death. The investigation is to be solved as quickly as possible and as quietly as can be because the main suspect in the case is one of their own, DS Brian Hall (Paul Brightwell) but James refuses to accept this. In part two, it is questioned as to whether or not Brian could have killed his own mother while being drunk. Doug and his wife’s baby has been stolen, Brian doesn’t remember what happened when his mother was killed but his memory is jarred after he was attacked in jail. In part three, Brian thinks someone was in the room with him when he found his dead mother. James is worried that they will never find his baby and Blake does something that puts her own career in jeopardy.

The Commander, Set 2 also stars Greg Wise, James D’Arcy, Celia Imrie and Simon Williams. The set comes with 3 discs with bonus features including a text introduction by Lynda La Plante, Amanda Burton biography and filmography and Lynda Ls Plante biography. As a warning though, this set does contain violence, graphic images and coarse language. The total approximate running time is 411 minutes.

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Jan Barrett

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