The Greatest... and the LatestFor two decades Comic Relief, created by comedy writer/producer Bob Zmuda, has worked to bring in helpful donations by giving out healthy doses of comedy. And now some of the best clips from the last 20 years have been compiled onto this 2-disc set of non-stop stand-up action, including the 2006 Comic Relief in support of Hurricane Katrina.

The first disc is a two hour amalgamation of bits from some of the most recognizable comedians in America. The way it plays out guarantees that any fan of comedy will find something to enjoy. There’s no fading to black in between sets and no introductions; it’s just quick cuts from one hilarious bit to the next. Watching early clips of Dane Cook, Jon Stewart and Margaret Cho are the most eye-opening, as most viewers know them better from their later works. But each bit holds up on its own, whether it’s 20 seconds or a few minutes in length.

It’s this first disc that really captures the essence of Comic Relief and allows viewers to relive the past successes of the show and enjoy the work of the comedic geniuses who have appeared over the years. Brief clips like Dana Carvey’s rockstar impersonation and Sinbad’s reenactment of a pregnant woman eating highlight the hilarity while also reminding us how funny these stand-up stars can be. Comic actors as varied as Don Rickles, Jim Carrey and Roseanne show up here to help supply laughs. It’s something like a Saturday Night Live “Best Of” collection mixed with the greatest hits from any one comedian on the line up.

The second disc is the complete show from the 2006 Hurricane Katrina show. There’s also a few extras that are enjoyable but not too eye-catching. It’s the show itself here that’s funny, though after the fast-paced collection on the first disc, this complete episode feels a little slow comparatively. There’s plenty of enjoyment to be found here, and the fact that every show was done for a good cause doesn’t hurt.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Four hours of quick comedic bits
Stay Away if: You’re looking for Larry the Cable Guy humor
Watch For: Chris Rock’s monologue on the Lewinsky scandal

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