A New Leash On Life

I have seen mostly in big city’s across the country areas what they call the slum area and was always warned not to ever go in these areas, especially if I was alone. I remember several times in different places seeing someone pushing a shopping buggy (as we from the south call them) around. It was usually someone that looked like the rough type or homeless using the cart to carry their belonging around with them, looking for a place to lay their heads at night.

In this movie, Collar we have a rookie cop, played by Aidan Dee, starting her day at work just like she would any other day. In her district there is a homeless man, played by Nick Principe, who has developed a reputation of satanic violence that apparently has a taste for human flesh that terrorizes other homeless people in the area, along with prostitutes and junkies. He would rape the women and then kill them when he had enough of them. He used a shopping buggy around his area of town to carry his things and people knew not to fool with this man.

Two men hide behind dumpsters or whatever they could find so they could actually video tape this man as he attacked people and one day they actually witnessed him killing someone and they managed to get it on video. Thinking they had hit it big they want more.

While on her routine patrol, the rookie cop spots the men with the camera, but before she can catch up with them she is attacked and this satanic derelict places a dog leash around her neck which is only the beginning of the torture he has planned for this woman.

Watch the trailer for Collar below:

If you like movies with a lot of gruesome scenes then you will love this one. You can click on the Amazon icon above and pre-order a copy which will hit the streets on November 18, 2014.

Jan Barrett

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