Based on Tim Winton’s award winning novel, Cloudstreet, an Australian miniseries, will make its debut on DVD on September 4, 2012. The series is set around Perth, Australia from 1943 -1963. It is about two families that have each in their own way been scarred by some sort of catastrophe that end up sharing an old house that shudders and groans with memories of its own.

The Pickles are luckless and derelict, blown by the winds of fate and their own bad decisions. Sam Pickles inherits an old house after he manages to lose some fingers on the hand that he uses most to work with. One of Sam’s problems is that he loves to gamble so with a wife and three kids that makes it difficult for him to support.

The Lamb family, however are hardworking, God-fearing people that were devastated after one of their sons ends up mentally injured in a near drowning accident. The Lamb’s along with their 6 kids decide to lease out half of the Pickle’s home and yard.

The two families couldn’t be any different from one another, yet they seem to make it work with all under the same roof. They live together for years even though there is a lot of shouting, brawling, laughing, loving and enduring going on.

Cloudstreet takes you through two decades as the two families struggle in life seeing the end of World War II then onto the Korean War. The world events help develop each one in different ways.

Cloudstreet is a 3-disc DVD set with 6 episodes. The approximate running time is about 365 minutes, plus 101 minutes of bonus. With the bonus package you have some behind the scenes segments including Adapting an Australian Classic, Creating the World of Cloudstreet, From Novel to Script to Screen, Creating the Magic, Creating the Music and more.

If you would like to get your own copy of Cloudstreet just clock on the Amazon link above and you can pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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