Circles of Deceit is a gritty realistic spy thriller in the vein of Callan. It goes on sale today in North America from Acorn Media and it has a great cast starting with Dennis Waterman, playing former special-forces operative John Neil that freelances for the British government in four tightly plotted and suspenseful full length dramas, including in this DVD set.Others starring in this action spy thriller includes Derek Jacobi, John Hannah, Peter Vaughan, Kate Buffery, Clare Higgins, Corin Redgrave, Susan Jameson and Leo McKern.

John Neil stays on call for the brass of Britain’s security services. Neil faces taking on Irish terrorists, tracking down professional assassins or pitting his wits against ruthless drug dealers. Neil has no reservations about the work he has to do or the people he serves. He does at times find himself facing deadly adversaries as well as devious bosses who keep them on a need to know basis which give him no other choice than to rely on his own instincts and his training in a world of betrayal, danger, and deceit.

Circles of Deceit comes with 2 discs and includes 4 episodes. Each of the episodes has their own plots, but it is quite clear that Neil is indeed a man filled with compassion.

The four episodes included are as follows:

1. The Wolves Are Howling – In this episode John has to go undercover to get information connected to the IRA. While on the job he finds himself in a situation with a possible romantic interest, which brings back memories of the death of his wife and son due to a violent terrorist.

2. Dark Secret – Neil is out to find his SAS friend that has become lawless. Secrets and blackmail come out in this episode.

3. Kalon– Neil finds himself attracted to Capt. Baker as he sets out to find a Persian Gulf spy killer. His mission is to search the banking world in London along with the drug and money laundering involved. His orders are to find the answers they want no matter what the cost be.,

4. Sleeping Dogs – In this episode Neil finds his investigation becoming more of a life and death situation. He also ends up using a relationship he has with a woman to get inside information.

There is brief nudity in some of the episodes but all in all I would say if you like a good spy program then you would probably enjoy Circles of Deceit. The running time total for it is approximately 394 minutes long,

If you would like a copy you can click on the Amazon icon above and order it yourself.

Jan Barrett

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