Buddy Miles is probably best known for is association with Jimi Hendrix, he played on Electric Ladyland. This DVD is in part a tribute to Hendrix, Buddy gives us his versions of  ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Voodoo Child’ and ‘Hey Joe’. While they may not be quite the same as the original article, they are never the less quite interesting.

This DVD features two concerts by Buddy Miles and company. In the first, filmed at Switzerland’s New Morning Rock Heroes Festival in 1995, he re-works in his own distinctive style a selection of rock and pop classics from the Sixties and Seventies.

The second, filmed in Paris a year later, features Albert King’s blues standard ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ and a deeply soulful interpretation of The Impression’s ballad hit ‘For Your Precious Love’.

In North America we tend to forget about our European cousins and their contribution to the encyclopedia of music. New Morning, is Paris based, and is without question one of the finest music clubs in Europe. Their contribution to the Jazz, Blues, and Rock world can not be measured.

You can get your copy of Buddy Miles – Changes from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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