Tom Chance played by Simon Callow, seems to be cursed by fate. He faces a barrage of absurd coincidences that fuel this uproarious Britcom.

Alison Little, played by Brenda Blethyn, is a sheltered, earnest librarian. When she and Tom meet they embark on an unconventional courtship. Tom’s peculiar speech patterns and bumbling comportment sweetly complement Alison’s cheery aloofness. Despite cosmic forces seeking to drive them apart, including law enforcement, rude waiters, unrequited loves, petty criminals and Alison’s overbearing parents, Tom and Alison nobly weather ludicrous circumstances as they blunder into life together and emerge all the more lovable for it.

Chance In A Million – Complete Collection
includes all three seasons with a total of 18 episodes of this award-winning comedy seen on public television.

Season 1
Episode 1 – Plumstones
Episode 2 – Honor Thy Mother and Father
Episode 3 – Flowing With The Tide
Episode 4 – The Birthday Party
Episode 5 – Man of Iron
Episode 6 – Stuff of Dreams

Season 2

Episode 1 – The Taxman Cometh
Episode 2 – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Episode 3 – The Lost Weekend
Episode 4 – And What Shall We Do For a Ring?
Episode 5 – Winning Streak
Episode 6 – Naming the Day

Season 3

Episode 1 – Goodbye Mr. Hemstridge
Episode 2 – Guess Who’s Not Coming for Dinner
Episode 3 – The Blessing
Episode 4 – The Once and Future Chance
Episode 5 – Pre-Matrimonial Tension
Episode 6 – The Wedding

There is a bonus feature included in this DVD set with Alternate plot episode, four episode commentaries with Simon Callow and writers Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegan, and a note from Simon Callow.

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Jan Barrett

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