Care Bears - Oopsy Does It (With Toy)For longer than I’ve been alive the Care Bears have been around, sharing, caring and prancing around in colorful landscapes to the delight of children everywhere. Marking their third foray into CGI animation, the Care Bears make a triumphant return to the small screen in their new feature Oopsy Does It!, centering on a new character: Oopsy Bear, the clumsiest bear in Care-a-lot and the only one without a belly badge.

The story opens with Grumpy Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear, along with the accident-prone Oopsy Bear, hard at work building a new theme park: WooHoo Land. As the final touches are being put on the main attraction, the Funderbolt roller coaster, Oopsy manages the “clangbangenest oopsy of all time,” leaving the whole place in ruins. As the bears rush to rebuild before the grand opening Oopsy unknowingly helps the evil bear Grizzle in his plan to build his belly badge stealing machine The Caretaker. Can Oopsy fix his mistakes and save the day?

The entire film is only 71 minutes long, and made for the very young. The scenery is colorful and imaginative and the characters are distinctive and memorable. The plot is a little silly, but kids will love it. There are a few songs worked into the story, and they work in varying degrees. Grizzle’s theme “Grizzle’s Bad” is the best of the bunch, with an entertaining dance number thrown in for good measure.

The addition of the new character Amigo Bear is a little odd, considering that none of the other bears are really race-oriented. When Amigo Bear asks “Donde Esta my belly badge?” it can’t help but feel a little forced. Overall, though, Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! is an enjoyable kid flick with some cool CGI thrown in for good measure. And if you get the special edition DVD, there’s an Oopsy toy included.

Zach’s Rating: B-
5-year-old Zach’s rating: B+
3-year-old Zach’s rating: A-

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