Foreign, as in subtitled movies used to be self serving, over produced, and down right boring offerings from either France or Italy. One can only speculate that they were some form of propaganda. We are fed up with Felini, and we have locked up our daughters from Roman Polanski!

The great news is that there are new kids on the block. And they make edgy, in your face movies. Be gone you boring European egotists, and welcome the new wave of movies from Japan.

Captive Files 1, is captivating!

A Middle aged Postal worker stalks a young college student, and through her mail he learns all about her life. He finds her to be a very lonely young woman and falls in love with her as he studies her lifestyle. He carefully plans his actions as he orders his landlord to never enter his apartment without his permission. Inside he sets it up with cardboard eggs boxes taped to the walls, to improve the sound dampening qualities.

It was right about this point in the movie that I said “Oh Oh, this is going to be different”, and I was right.

The Postman only knocks once in this version, and in this case the package involves an ether soaked cloth. Bound hand and foot, and the every handy duct tape over her mouth, things look pretty grim.

There are no end of studies about kidnap victims and how they bond with the kidnapper. The quintesential comparisom being Patty Hearst.

The question is, will this young lady sucomb to the bonding, or does she have other plans?

I normally like to include some technical information about a movie, but my Japanese is a little rusty. All I really know is that the main stars are Kazuyoshi Ozawa, Mayumi Sakurai, and Kenichi Endo. I put my main researcher (aka my wife Jan) on the problem, and she came up dry. Of course she used the weak excuse of not having a Kanji keyboard!

You can order your copy of Captive Files 1 from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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