OK normally I am a big fan of horror movies. For some reason I have always liked them. Movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Friday the 13th (all chapters included) always got my attention even if I had to stay awake late at night to see them.

When this movie, Camp Blood First Slaughter arrived I thought to myself that here’s a movie I might like. From what I read it appeared to be just my kind of movie. So today with the weather being bad here and the satellite going on and off preventing me from watching TV as I regularly do I decided to pop this movie into my DVD player and watch it.

A group of students are given an assignment by their Professor to find out what they could about a so called Urban legend in a local area which was labeled as Camp Blood. The professor sends her students on a weekend camping trip to learn what they could about the legend and to document all their findings and prove whether the legend is fact or just a myth.

It doesn’t take the group long before they start collecting proof once they actually get to a spot to pitch their tents and set up a campfire. One by one the students are attacked and slaughtered with a machete that the killer carries.

The legend has it that the killer is a man wearing a clown mask but that is soon proven to be wrong when the clown mask is found with a severed head in it.

So who is the killer? I won’t give away the mystery. I guess one would have to watch the movie to find out for themselves. To give you an idea what is in the movie, you can view the trailer below.

If you don’t mind a movie with a lot of bad actors trying to scare you then maybe you will enjoy Camp Blood First Slaughter. You can get a copy of your own DVD by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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