I am a huge fan of Cadfael, it is a series that I am so glad has made it across the Atlantic and found a home on DVD. Cadfael is the 15th century version of CSI, there are no interesting gizmos, gadgets, or cell phone pings, the good Brother Cadfael uses logic and deduction alone. In that style, I asked Jan to do the review, I am already a fan, it would have been unfair for me to have my biased opinions, enjoy! – Simon

Cadfael: The Complete Collection stars the legendary Emmy award winning actor Sir Derek Jacobi and it features all 13 episodes of the series. PBS aired the mystery series in the late 1090’s and it was based on the best selling books by Ellis Peters.

Jacobi’s role is that of a man of the cloth, Brother Cadfael. He is a warrior turned monk that sets out to solve crimes in war-torn medieval England. The series also features stars such as Julian Firth, and Michael Culver. The 13 disc collection includes all 13 episodes in addition to audio comments from Jacobi, historical background notes and a lot more. The total air time for the entire set is approximately 16 ¼ hours.

Now that Brother Cadfael is a man pursuing the call of a higher justice as he uses his keen intuition to protect those that are innocent and he brings the guilty to account. He investigates a range of suspicious enigmas including the death of a poisoned landowner, the disappearance of a wealthy orphan, and salacious, criminal secrets obscured by jealousy and greed.

The guests stars in this collection include Julian Glover, Sean Pertwee, Hugh Bonneville, Tare Fitzgerald, Toby Jones, Johnny Lee Miller, Anna Friel, and Stephen Moyer.

The list of mysteries for your enjoyment is as follows:

One Corpse Too Many
The Sanctuary Sparrow
The Leper of St. Giles
Monk’s Hood
The Virgin in the Ice
The Devil’s Novice
St. Peter’s Fair
A Morbid Taste for Bones
The Raven in the Foregate
The Rose Rent
The Pilgrim of Hate
The Potter’s Field
The Holy Thief

Anyone that is a fan of good detective mysteries would enjoy this collection. To get your copy of Cadfael: The Complete Collection, just click on the Amazon link above. You still have time to get it by Christmas time if you have someone special in mind that would enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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