Caamora are one of the up and coming forces in the European Prog Rock scene. I recently had the opportunity to review the CD of She, and I was suitably impressed. She is the classic Rock Opera, and when I discovered that there was a DVD of the ‘one and only’ full dress concert, I knew I had to get a copy!

The bad news for folks in North America is that the DVD is not slated for release until June. However if you do a little internet mining, I am sure you can find a source. I found my copy in Poland, which seems to be the new home of Prog Rock, in particular, Metal Mind Productions out of Katowice.

OK, enough of the boring stuff, lets get to the DVD. Yes indeed it is a classic Rock Opera. While it might not have the ‘over’ production of the Who’s Tommy, it certainly has all the basic qualities, singers in costumes, huge number of musicians, and a choir!

After listening to Caamora-She I had the opportunity to talk to the two creators of this opus, Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita. Clive told me that She had been a project in the back of his mind for many years, but it was not until he met Agnieszka that the structure started to form. What amazed me though was the answer I received when I asked how long it took to put the actual show together. There are actors, singers, loads of musicians, costumes, and choreography. Ms Swita informed me that the entire production was done in a scant 4 days! 2 days of rehearsal in England, with the English crew of musicians and singers , and 2 days in Poland with the entire cast. Then it was show time!

Playing a major part in the vocals (and in costume) is veteran Prog Rocker Alan Reed. And he must have been a tired little Prog Rocker by the end of the night, he and his band Pallas were the ‘warm up’ band for Caamora – She! And he put on a full throttle performance! I know that because I am watching it right now (review coming soon).  I will just bet that sleep came the moment his head hit the pillow. Four hours of performing will tire anyone out!

Caamora – She is well worth seeking out. It is great theater, and great music. Clive Nolan deserves enormous credit for this endeavor. The aspect of this new Prog Rock movement that surprises me, but also makes me very happy, is the wonderful rapport that the bands have with each other.  Everyone seems  to help everyone else. Going back to the 70’s for a moment, I could not see Keith Emerson ‘guesting’ on Yes, nor Rick Wakeman appearing with ELP. Before you slam me with emails, yes I know that Keith and Rick have appeared together, but it was years later. This new breed of band has a much more open inter band relationship. Clive Nolan for example plays with at least 4 bands, all of which have unique identities.

As I said earlier, Caamora She is not being released in the US until June, but being a nice guy I will give you a couple of internet links to sites that might be able to help. Metal Mind Production and Caamora’s own web site.

Simon Barrett

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