The Epitome of HyperboleOver the years Brian Regan has made his name known through constant touring and occasional CD and DVD releases. His humor is relatively clean and dependably hilarious. His latest comedy special, The Epitome of Hyperbole, is no exception. Filmed by Comedy Central at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, Regan’s latest routine may be short (42 minutes), but there are plenty of laugh out loud bits packed into this show.

From the first few moments Regan walks onto the stage, with an exaggeratedly puffed-up persona and a faux-arrogant strut, it’s clear that this is a guy who knows how to work a crowd. And work the crowd he does. Even with such varying topics as reading, the law, space and marriage, Regan still manages to maintain a surprisingly solid throughline, connecting each subject with the next through seemingly irrelevant observations that turn into clever transitions. Regan also has a way with facial expressions and physical comedy. But it’s Regan’s endearing personality and ability to crach a smile at his own goofiness that makes his physical comedy especially impressive. Particularly memorable moments here include Regan’s comments on no-nonsense judges (“as opposed to what?”), mules with senses of humor (“I’m sure they used a very scientific method to measure that”) and ballet (he’s written a hilarious outline for a new ballet – it includes lots of “that standing on the toes stuff”).

Aside from the main event, there are two rather meager bonus features: 3 minutes of additional unaired footage (where Regan takes requests from the audience and performs a few older bits) and a 15-minute making of documentary that details the five hours leading up to the filming of the special. While the three additional minutes are welcome, they’re much to short to really amount to much. The special, however, is well put-together and outlines how complicated filming a 42 minute special actually is. With 75 crew members, including six camera operators, this is a much bigger affair than home viewers might think.

Overall, The Epitome of Hyperbole is a well-structured, often hilarious special. It’s a little too short to warrant its own DVD release, especially without more special features, but it’s 45 minutes of comedy that you won’t regret watching.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: A fast-paced 40 minutes of stand-up
Stay Away if: You expect more than 40 minutes when you buy a comedy DVD

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