Have you ever been curious about how some ideas end up becoming top dollars ideas? Where do inventions come from, especially those that seem to be really great? What gave the inventors their ideas?

This DVD, Brave New World covers inventions that will change the course of the world. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, famed for his work on black holes and his efforts to explain scientific theories to lay audiences, hosts this series that travels the globe to explore the amazing research for these inventions. Stephen is joined by naturalist David Attenborough, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, physicist Kathy Sykes and reproductive-medicine pioneer Robert Winston.

We get expert commentary on the revolutions that will improve, extend and forever transform our lives. From brain-controlled wheelchairs to cancer-destroying bacteria and from self-driving cars to the power potential in a single atom, an almost unimaginable future is becoming reality.

The inventions covered on this DVD include 5 different categories with each category exploring certain inventions:

1.    Machines – driverless cars, thought powered wheelchair, a robot named iCub for children that learns, a telescope and more.
2.    Health – robotic surgery, drug genetically aimed for cancer, genetic insect changes, learning to control bits of the brain and searches to stop future pandemics for viruses.
3.    Technology – cell phone tracking, 3-D printing and more
4.    Environment – how to create energy, How to clear pollution with microbes to clean oil spills, preventing solar disasters and more.
5.    Biology – Down in Panama they hunt a life-form critical to survival from jungle to ocean., microorganisms in Oxford, synthetic fuel in San Francisco, ECM muscle regeneration in Texas and DNA in the U.K.

This DVD set, Brave New World has 2 discs and 5 episodes. The run time is approximately 231 minutes and it does contain disturbing images and medical situations. It comes with a bonus feature including a 16 page viewers guide with articles on mechanical innovations, automate vehicles, medical advances, DIY science, sustainable cities, and DNA arks. It also includes Biographies of selected presenters.

Brave New World goes on sale October 16, 2012 but you can pre-order your copy from Amazon if you click on the above link.

Jan Barrett

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