This horror film is about three tales, all involving the Madam Raven’s Bordello, which is a place one could go to in order to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

The Ripper

Graham Johnson had a hobby that is not exactly one that was legal. He visited Brothel’s and would pick up dancers that he would become attracted to and take them home. Once he had them there he would kill them to get his thrills

His mistake was to go to a place called Madam Raven’s bordello and asked for a girl to take home between the ages of 25 and 35. When he got home with Lily he found he was in for more than what he bargained for.


Dr. Whale is at Madam Raven’s bordello requested a girl with certain specifications on what he calls a perfect night for a fine lady. He is brought to a room and told to wait and they would find the perfect girl for him but was warned it might take a few minutes. Madam Raven stitches together all the right body parts to create the perfect woman for her customer.

He is thrilled with his girl until he figures out that the girl has been stitched together. It takes a couple of stitching alterations and he finds her to be perfect and declares his newly found love for her. He decides he wants to take her home with him but while he is making arrangements to bring his woman home with him something horrific happens to her.

Vice Day

Destiny is worried about her dying father but the bordello she works at wants it to be all business, which is her doing phone sex or web cam sex. Daniel Cain is a well known politician who is a well respectable man in the community so when she turns her cam on she is excited to see him there.

Cain plans a “vice day” once a year when he can let his dark side come out and have fun. Today was the day and Destiny is who he is playing with. As they start their hot chatting she learns a lot more about this man than she cares to. She realizes this man really has a dangerous side to him.

After all three tales there is a surprise ending for the Madam Raven at the Bordello.

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Jan Barrett

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