Ultimate Adventure Collection“Can we build it?” For nearly a decade, as Bob the Builder and his gung-ho crew of anthropomorphized machines tackle task after task, the answer has become a resounding “Yes we can!” In the newest collection of the ubiquitous children’s series, Bob and his crew are up to a whole new set of adventures in Bobsville, from helping Farmer Pickles paint his barn, to helping Mrs. Potts set statues in her lawn.

Though not much really seems to be happening throughout the episodes, the appeal of Bob the Builder (to both children and adults) is that all of the characters have a can-do attitude and no character is manipulative or lazy. What the show manages to showcase, without being overwrought or heavy-handed, is a cast of characters who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done, even if they may mess it up along the way.

Originating almost a decade ago from the United Kingdom, Bob has now become so well known that, like Blues Clues and Thomas the Train, there are live performances of Bob the Builder that can sell out large arenas. (In fact, a few of the songs from such performances are included in this DVD set). The stop-motion animation the series uses can get a little dull to adults, but judging from the fact that each DVD includes a “Play Video Continuously” option, it’s clear that the target audience (preschoolers) can’t get enough of old Bob and his team of workers.

This specific DVD set includes a little over an hour and a half of programming (on three separate 35-minute DVDs for some reason). Each DVD consists of four episodes that a particular character might claim as their “favorite.” There’s Dizzy’s Favorite Adventures, Lofty’s Favorite Adventures and Roley’s Favorite Adventures. For parents looking for an easy way to entertain their kids, without having to deal with subtextual messages of a negativite or subversive nature, Bob the Builder can’t be beat. Though this “collection” might have benefited both parents and the producers by being included on one DVD instead of three, the adventures are still fun and the extras are worth the time to watch.

Zach’s Rating: B
Zach’s 3-year-old rating: A
Zach’s 6-year-old rating: A-

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