On-Site - Roads and BridgesBy now parents know what to expect when they pop in a DVD with the infamous Bob the Builder on the cover. Some delightfully clever stop motion animation, a few quirky machine characters, and an endearingly heartfelt story. Not this time. For the first time ever Bob is heading out into the real world to show kids how construction sites work in real life. It’s a departure from the standard Bob schtick, but it’s not an unwelcome one.

As kids witness the construction of a road and a bridge, kids get to see all the major construction site machines at work. The steam roller, dump truck, and everything else that five year olds can list off and I can’t. As a sort of teacher, Bob addresses the audience directly and even asks questions to make sure that everything has been understood. This is the kind of show kids will watch over and over (but then what Bob DVD isn’t like that?!)

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: The little tyke who can’t get enough of construction sites
Stay Away if: It’s the typical episodes your kids like
Watch For: The cute song “How Do You Do It?”

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