In 1965 Bob Dylan divided the world into the hip and the unhip, in 1979 he divided the world into the saved and the damned.

I love music, but I also enjoy hearing what others have to say about bands and performers. Both Ends Of The Rainbow takes a long hard look at Bob Dylan during a very pivotal and direction changing period of his career 1978-1989.

After over a decade of being Bob Dylan the folksy protester, overnight he became the born again religious zealot. A change that did not sit well with many fans. Certainly it can be argued that Bob Dylan version one had run his course, the protest songs of the 60’s seemed somewhat out of place in the late 70’s. It was time for a change of image, but few could have foreseen the direction that he headed in.

Slow Train released in 1979 received very mixed reactions both from fans and critics.

Both Ends Of The Rainbow explores in depth the mysterious world of Dylan. With a running time of 2 hours this DVD is the best value there is if you want to understand exactly what happened.

You can pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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