Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis proves that it is possible for a single mother of four children to hold down a top position in the police department in Manchester in this British crime series, Blue Murder Complete Collection that became a smash hit. The series ran on ITV from 2003 – 2009 as it gives us a mixture of wit and warmth with it’s delightful story lines.

Caroline Quentin does a superb job portraying her role of the DCI as she deals with different cases that include some ugly and gruesome crimes. We get to see both sides of her life. She has her professional life as well as her private life which alone is a challenge for her. How could it not be, with four kids to have to take care of? She remains completely devoted to her family as well as her job but no one says it is easy for her.

Lewis starts out pregnant and was just appointed as the Detective Chief Inspector. She couldn’t wait to go home to celebrate her promotion with her husband. To her shock she finds him in bed with another woman, the nanny at that. It takes napping to new heights! Needless to say this discovery does not sit well with the new DCI and family issues ensue.

Lewis has to deal with an assortment of cases, including murder, drugs, arson robberies and a missing child. The one thing that helps her out is when an old friend of hers returns to her squad, the handsome DI Richard Mayne, (Ian Kelsey) who becomes Lewis’s dedicated partner.

The complete series follows the career of Janine Lewis starting from her promotion through her personal and professional ups and downs mixed with some humor and gives us a good look at what motherhood is like with a career Mom.

This DVD set, Blue Murder Complete Collection comes with all 19 episodes on 9 discs and it provides you with a total of approximately 19 ½ hours of entertainment. The bonus features include text interviews with Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey, a behind the scenes documentary and cast filmographies. Some of the guest stars include Brendan Coyle and Rhea Bailey. Due the the language and some of the content I would consider this with an adult rating.

Blue Murder Complete Collection goes on sale on DVD on February 1, 2011 so if you want a copy for your own private viewing just click on the Amazon link above and pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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