Life is never simple for a single mum – especially when she’s the detective in charge.

Detective Inspector Janine Lewis (Caroline Quentin) deals with the ugly side of human nature, investigating Manchester’s most gruesome crimes. At home she is a devoted single mother of four that is struggling to balance her challenging career with the stresses and rewards of family life.

Blue Murder – Complete Collection follows Lewis’s career as she balances her career and family with her handsome dedicated partner at her side, Richard Mayne (Ian Kelsey). The rest of the team includes DS Tony Shap, (Nicholas Murchie) a wise-cracking old school detective and DS Ian Butchers (Paul Loughran) , an overweight farsighted leg man.

In this DVD collection there are 9 discs with a total of 19 episodes:

Set 1 (Discs 1-3)
DCI Janine Lewis commands a close-knit police team that probes some of Manchester’s most gruesome murders. She handles 4 kids at home, yet throws herself into her work with all her energy and passion, even when her professional and personal lives clash.

Set 2 (Discs 4-5)

While at work Detective Lewis deals with drive-by executions, decomposed bodies, and abducted children. At home she has to interview nannies, schedule parent-teacher conferences and having to make breakfast on the run.

Set 3 (Discs 6-7)
Janine describes what she does for a living to be “crisis management”. At her job she supervises a squad of cops that investigate some of Manchester’s most brutal crimes. At home she wrestles with soccer practices, field trips and homework for all four of her children.

Set 4 (Discs 8-9)
At work Janine is called “Boss”. At home she is called “Mom”. Somehow she manages to keep everyone in line in both places, with a firm yet affectionate hand. She brings astonishing dramatic depth to her role as a chief detective and single Mom.

The extras in this DVD set, Blue Murder – Complete Collection include
• Text interviews with Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey.
• Behind the scenes documentary
• Cast filmographies

If you like crime dramas then you will probably like this set, Blue Murder – Complete Collection. If you would like to order a copy just click on the Amazon link above and when it arrives, you are all set for some good home entertaining.

Jan Barrett

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