There is a big party going on and everyone seems to be having a great time. They are all getting drunk and getting wild with the music and noise. Someone calls the police to file a complaint. By the time the two police officers arrive to check out the complaint, they find a huge surprise. The suburb of Havenwood has been plagued by string of murders and everyone there is dead. The murderer being a masked maniac who is remembered as “The Ripper” gets away though but not before attacking one of the officer’s, who does by a miracle survive.

10 years later the same two officers who are now detectives are investigating the murder of a young girl. The officer that had been attacked 10 years earlier, Detective James Fincher ( played by Matt W. Cody) had turned to drinking to be able to cope with his family life falling apart. When there is another victim murdered soon after, the detective determines there is a connection between the two cases. It seems that the newer victims seem to be the children of the murdered victims from two years ago.

Now the big questions comes up asking could the murderer from 10 years ago be back or is this just a coincidence. With teenagers turning up dead everywhere once again the detective wonders can “The Ripper” be caught and stopped this time. Watch as Detective Fincher tries to convince his partner that this is the same killer.

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Jan Barrett

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