Blonde & Blonder (Ws Sub Ac3 Dol Amar)Positing itself (in title at least) as something of a cross between Dumb & Dumber and Legally Blonde (two massively successful films starring A-list stars), Blonde and Blonder hits the shelves boasting little more than short skirts and cleavage as selling points. Add to that an abundance of overused puns and a cliched cast of daffy characters, throw it in a blender, and you’ve just written the script yourself.

Thus do Dee (Pamela Anderson) and Dawn (Denise Richards) embark on what might be considered the low point of many a career, but is perhaps seen as little more than another notch on a belt for these veterans of schlock. Though the jokes are outdated (Dawn at one point gets fired from her job as a secretary for putting white out on the monitor) and unfunny (a farting turtle doesn’t exactly evoke peals of laughter), our heroines press on through 95 minutes of subpar comedy.

To those who haven’t seen the movie, “subpar” might almost sound like a compliment, considering the alternatives, and honestly it is. The thing about this film that keeps it from being delegated to completely unwatchable garbage may be exactly what sinks it to such a low level in the first place. There’s a sense of unflinching vacancy behind the eyes of our lead actresses here. And a look at the bloopers and making of featurette leave little doubt in the audience’s mind: we’re not witnessing acting so much as we’re watching two women go about their daily business. Once the cameras stop rolling, those empty smiles don’t go away. It’s this strange lack of investment on their part that actually ends up making the movie watchable. Seems strange, I know, but it’s true.

The Farley brothers (please, please, PLEASE don’t confuse them with the Farrelly brothers) add the same sense of non-dedication to their roles as bumbling mafiosos. There’s also a couple of cops, a pair of seductive assassins (that offer about the only sexy moments in the film), and a few other forgettable characters. There’s not much to go on here, but it’s clear everyone involved knew that from the start. Blonde and Blonder is no way to spend a Friday night, but on an incredibly dreary Tuesday when you’re home sick from work, it’s as good as anything on TBS.

Zach’s rating: D-
Perfect For: Die-hard Pamela Anderson fans
Stay Away if: The very concept of this film irks you
Watch For: The inexplicable Canadian guys in their underwear towards the end

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