The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh

To say this is a moving documentary does not to justice to the subject. This is without doubt one of the most important documentaries I have seen in quite some time.

My wife Jan loves to open the parcels and packages that seem to arrive daily. She saw this DVD and said, oh, this is one I would like to review. My response was ‘have a ball’. I asked Jan what happened to the review, her response surprised me.

Simon, I cannot write the review, I could not do justice to it. Watch the DVD and you will understand

I did, and I did.

There have been countless books and documentaries about the Second World War and the plight of the Jewish community under the Nazi regime. On more than on occasion the question has been posed, why did the the world stand back and allow this genocide to happen?

Actually there was an attempt made, it was not successful, lives were lost, but there were people who cared. In 1944 Hungarian born 22 year old Hannah Senesh and a small group of Jewish volunteers from Palestine parachuted into the Nazi controlled Europe.

The chances of success were at best zero, but the dogged determination they showed is a testament to mans ability to tackle the impossible.

How the group managed to get into the Nazi controlled countries is a book all on its own. If caught as civilians there was little doubt that they would be labeled as spies, and justice would be swift and certain. The British gave then ‘honorary’ positions in the Royal Air Force, credentials, and uniforms. The RAF then facilitated their parachute drop behind enemy lines.

Blessed Is The Match is a remarkable story of courage and tenacity. Using archival footage, recreation, and narration we get to understand who Hannah Senesh was, and what she was fighting for.

This documentary has wowed the film festivals, I believe that so far it has won 12 awards. It has finally made it to prime time, the DVD releases on April 13, and also on that day it is going to be aired on PBS’s fabulous Independent Lens series.

This is a story that no-one should miss. Hannah Senesh was a lady with guts and determination. Even when captured she was a source of inspiration to others.

I was a little frustrated with my wife, and her declaration that she just could not write a review of this DVD. I now understand. Blessed Is The Match puts in stark reality the difference between good and evil. Good may prevail in the long run, but evil has many victories along the way.

You can order your copy of Blessed Is The Match by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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