Blaze Bayley may be a name most synonymous with Iron Maiden, he was after all the lead singer for them between 1994-1999. He has moved on, but is still punching out the same combination of gritty metal and soft ballads.

Metal may be viewed as a dying breed here in North America, but it is alive and well in Europe, particularly Poland, the home of Metal Mind Productions. When done right, Metal is just fine, and Blaze Bayley knows how to do it right!

While I am sure his mother might have a thing or two to say about his verbal song intros, because they would make a sailor blush, she would surely forgive him for turning in such a solid and down to earth performance.

There are a total of 17 tracks included on this DVD. and each in their own way is a winner. This is high energy, adrenalin pumping music.

Kicking off with Speed Of Light, you are propelled into a wild ride. This is one DVD that every Metal fan will want in their collection. Blaze rocks! He has the stage presence that few performers have. And even though I am not a Metal fan, even I can appreciate when it is done well.

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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