Okay, personally I don’t like to discuss religion with friends or especially family, seeing that my mother went to seminary school but could never explain to me, or want to talk about the crusades. Since then I have always made a point of researching mythology and religion. I have recently received a copy of Black Metal Satanica, but before I even get into this review, I have to address a point made by the occult author Konstantinos, which is simply light is not necessarily good and dark is not necessarily evil. To be more specific, take a priest that preaches love and good in all his sermons, but has the tendencies to rape small boys. This would be termed by Konstantinos as being light/evil. On the other side of the coin, take a person who dresses in all black, has black nails and black eyeshadow. A person whom on visual confirmation you would not let alone with your children for .00015 seconds. Say this person was the most honorable and just person you ever met, when you got to know them. This would be an example of dark/good. Think about this theorem very hard and judge for yourself, but I think you will find it makes a lot of sense.

With this in mind and Konstantinos’ theory understood, I was able to make an unbiased opinion of this DVD.

Make no mistake, when you look at the cover of this DVD and read the comments on the back such as “almost inhuman acts that surround this controversial subculture”, this being the Scandinavian black metal bands such as Immortal, Bathory and Mayhem, you will automatically think of such visuals as murder, rape and ritualistic sacrifice. What you will see when you press “play” is a group of people from different bands expressing their thoughts on events that have happened in their genre. That’s not to say that some members of these bands did not do horrible acts, such as church burnings and grave desecration. However a large percentage of these bands, if you listen, are reacting to a religion that’s swept over their land, destroyed their beliefs and native gods, as well as forced Christian religion on them. Advocates such as Bjorn Almar and bands such as Syartahrid will explain to you how their whole lifestyle is just a simple fight to preserve their own culture. The interesting thing is that although some of the speakers in this documentary are Satanists, most of them just happen to be anti-Christian. Keep in mind folks, there is more than one existing religion on the planet. Also if you happen to be a Christian “zealot”, then know your “enemy” and give this DVD your open minded attention. As not to totally influence your decision I will end here and advise you to purchase this DVD from the link below.

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Damon Harris

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