There are many great musicians, some have gold and platinum records on their walls, some are household names, but few are credited with being the father of an entire genre of music.

Meet Bill Monroe, he is universally lauded as the master of the Bluegrass genre. Bill died in 1996 but his legacy lives on. This DVD is a celebration of this great mans life.

The fiddle and mandolin may seem odd bed fellows, but in the world of Bluegrass they are a marriage made in heaven.

This is a great documentary, and while spotlighting Bill Monroe it also looks at the whole panorama of the musical genre. The genre itself is an interesting one. It has its origins in the south, Kentucky to be exact. The musical style combines very white, and very traditional Scottish music with the very African American deep south Blues.

Maybe the most amazing part of the whole story behind Bluegrass was that it came into being in the first place. There was a huge wall segregating the races. Bluegrass broke the rules, and Bill Monroe was the pioneer that started to break that wall down.

Most people know so little of our heritage, this DVD should be required viewing for all high school students. I can guarantee you will learn something from watching this DVD, I now know what a ‘Long Bow’ is, do you?

Actually that gives me an idea, leave a comment telling me what a ‘long bow’ is, the person with the best description will get a copy of this fine DVD.

Great documentary, and some great interviews and vintage clips, this is a must have, and you can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett 

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