I am always amazed at the wide range of styles that accomplished musicians have. You may know Bill Bruford best as the drummer for the mega superstar group Yes, resplendent with the biggest drum kit in the known world. A prog rocker to the core! Yet there is a softer side to Bill Bruford and we get to see that in this DVD.

Following Yes Bill has had a very successful career with his band Earthworks, gone are the electronic drum kits, and gone is the glam. In its place we have Jazz! Yes, you heard that correctly, Bill is into the Jazz scene.

Bill Bruford’s Earthworks Video Anthology actually covers three concerts between 2001 and 2005. What I saw was a slow but very distinctive change in his style. It is almost with each passing day Bill is moving slowly but surely back into a very traditional drum style. I mean nothing bad by that remark, in fact I mean it as a compliment. He is without doubt one of the finest drummers of all time, his sense of rhythm and timing is uncanny. A metronome could not be as accurate as Bill.

I recommend this DVD to anyone that appreciates great music. You can get your own copy from MVD.
Simon Barrett


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