Tom Hanks had a huge hit in the 80’s with the original Bachelor Party. This new version features a brand new cast, and is somewhat more risque than the original one. The DVD set for release on March 11 comes with an ‘unrated’ rating, and while not deserving of a X rating certainly does contain more than it’s fair share of nudity.

This aspect was slightly bothering me as I put it on the player, while my wife is by no means a prude, I wasn’t at all sure how she would react. Well I was surprised, she started laughing within the first minute of the movie and didn’t stop until the ending credits. The plot is madcap and hugely amusing. Oscar material it may not be, but an uproariously funny movie it is.

In the opening sequence we find Ron (Josh Cooke) and Melinda (Sara Foster) in a restaurant with Ron proposing marriage to Melinda. It is a strange proposal, and in itself hugely amusing. They had been dating each other for only 2 months but Ron is convinced that Melinda is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The future brother in law offers to throw a bachelor party with the groom, however there is a less than ‘brotherly’ motive behind this offer. He is worried that the new brother in law will marry father’s favorite daughter and take his place in the family  business. Ron has Irish blood in him so this automatically scores points with the rich father in law to be, who has always wanted some Irish blood in the family.

Todd (Warren Christie) is the brother in law and he tries everything in the book with his tricks to get Ron to cheat on Melinda and he stops short of nothing to use including sexy women and money.

Ron’s three best friends are invited to the party and each has their own adventures over this weekend in Miami. Derek, (Harland Williams) has been married three times prior to this and divorced so he has a very low opinion on marriage. He ends up getting stuck bringing his teenage son to the party. Jason (Greg Pitts) is a heavy party goer and is the life of the party, or so he thinks. Seth (Danny Jacobs) is the nerdy type but ends up with some surprises.

Meanwhile Melinda’s sister, Autumn (Karen Gordon) surprises her sister with a bachelorette party with a Gay stripper. Mom (Audrey Landers) breaks the party up and takes the girls to her favorite book club which is unlike any book club I have ever heard of. The Book Club is certainly not a place of higher learning. Daughter, Mom, Grand Mother, and Great Grand Mother, all four generations are there to sample the ‘lending library’!

Melinda sneaks off to call Ron to see how he is doing only to receive some unpleasant news from Todd which causes her to fly to Miami to crash the party…………

If you are single and about to get married this movie could teach you some very valuable lessons, none of which are likely to lead to a long and fruitful relationship. A delightful romp and well worth renting at Blockbuster or buying your own copy. There will be two versions released an ‘R’ rated one, and the ‘Unrated’ one It was the unrated version that we watched, and found nothing that was unduly offensive. Maybe not ‘all good clean fun’ but nothing worse than what appears in many European newspapers on Page 3.

You can order your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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