Everyone thinks of the Blues being a uniquely American music style, but it reaches to far parts of the planet. Without doubt the most influential European influence id the New Morning club in Paris.

In 2006, as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations they did something truly unique. A one off live session with musicians from Europe, America, and Japan. The American contingent consisted of Larry Carlton and Robben Ford, who are superb musicians. Needless to say the ‘one off’ concert was a huge hit, and lucky for us there was a camera team on board to capture this very unique blending of styles. The Blues, may be the Blues, but there are certainly regional, or in this case continental differences in style. The purveyors of the Blues have always been a gregarious band of musicians, and that certainly becomes clear when you watch this concert. There are no ‘stars’ there is just a wonderful constellation.

Joining  Larry Carlton and Robben Ford are Francis Cabrel, Denys Lable, Michael Jones, Patrick Verbeke and a whole pile of their friends. This must have been some concert to actually attend.

You can pick up your own copy of Autour Du Blues from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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